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The concept seems interesting. However, I got stuck in "The Station" chapter. I'm not really sure what I'm suppose to do there.

thank you! We don’t wanna make any spoiler of any kind, but if it can help you pass through that level keep in mind what you wish you could do if the train was running late 😉

Ingenious concept, very inspired music and illustrations!  I'd like to see and play more levels!

thx for the feedback! We’re glad that you appreciated it 😍


I love this game. I like logic, irony and the message behind the experiment. I see in this game a fusion of many games from my childhood.

 I also have a criticism: I want the second part of this experiment!

Thanks so much for the feedback! If there will be another version/second part we'll inform you ASAP :)

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When you run this game you don't know what you are going to do. Every step teaches you something new. Kind of enigma and logic deduction, it leads you somewhere deep in human universe, from the beginning 'till the end. 

Thanks for the comment! We had the exact same feeling while developing the game, to go deeper inside the story telling :)